Anthony Robbins – Coaching Resources March 1999


Anthony Robbins – Coaching Resources March 1999

Anthony Robbins – Coaching Resources March 1999


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Anthony Robbins – Coaching Resources March 1999

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In 1999, Tony Robbins started Robbins Results Partnership Coaching.  The first Coaches Academy training took place in March of 1999 for an exclusive invited group of 30 people.  During that training, the coaches-to-be were given this binder as a resource to assist them with the systems, and information about the company, the products, and seminars.  It also contains training materials, client paperwork, and forms & materials related to the Coaching system.

The Life Area Tools Charts in the Technology Section are particularly awesome.  They were designed to give the Coach a quick resource to assist clients with any particular issue. Lists dozens of resources, processes, questions, and assignments for Physical, Emotional, Financial, Career/Business, Environment, Spiritual, Time Management.  Very rare!

The Coaching Resources binder is a white plastic 3-ring binder with a title sheet printed on official RRI stationery inserted in the cover.  It has 6 sections separated by tabbed dividers:




Six Easy Pieces of the PR Coaching Call

The Seven Master Steps as used in Coaching

Destiny Close


Now I am the Voice

Overview of Event: Competitive Edge

Overview of Event: Unleash The Power Withing

Overview of Event: Date With Destiny

7 Life Area Tool Charts

Game Plans

Blank Game Plans in a sleeve

Sample Game Plans

RPM Plans

Sample RPM Plans

Master Forms

Coaching Session Summary Forms in a sleeve

Flash Report Forms in a sleeve

Triad/Seven Master Steps tri-fold glossy black & gold worksheets

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