Brandon Lucero – Thought Reversal Mastery


Brandon Lucero – Thought Reversal Mastery

Brandon Lucero – Thought Reversal Mastery

Brandon Lucero – Thought Reversal Mastery


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If You’re Anything Like Me, and The 7-Figure Entrepreneurs I Work With, Then You Probably Realize Your Impact, Message and Sales Are What FUEL You and Your Business…


Brandon Lucero – Thought Reversal Mastery

Brandon Lucero – Thought Reversal Mastery

Imagine Where Your Business Would Be If You NAILED Thought Reversals, Just Like Some Of Our Students and Clients:
“I Started Doing $60k Months After Using This Style of Content”
“I didn’t know how to get them to pay attention and I didn’t know how to get them to recognize that I could help. I was blown away after hearing Brandon Lucero speak… and it was a missing piece of my marketing arsenal that I didn’t even know was missing…. it’s been life changing.”

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If You’re Anything Like Me, and The 7-Figure Entrepreneurs I Work With, Then You Probably Realize Your Impact, Message and Sales Are What FUEL You and Your Business…

… and Waiting Might Be Keeping You Safe But It’s Also Keeping You STUCK.

Unless you plan on giving up on your business and dreams then you already know you’re going to keep moving forward… what benefit do you get from waiting?

It’s Time To Say What You Want To Say and To Be Who You Want To Be.

And it’s time to live in a reality where your passion overpowers your fear and where you make more sales because you stand out by standing for something.

It’s time for you to master Thought Reversals where you stand out FAST, grow an audience that loves you, make sales because of your content!
It’s time to say “eff-it” to only using “how to” content and learn how to grow fast with polarizing topics design to shift your audience and end their suffering!
Training 1: Thought Reversal Concept and Process

In this training we reveal what makes a thought reversal effective, the DO’s and DON’T’s, how they are used to shift perspective, create demand, and start a movement.

You will learn how Thought Reversals fit into your content strategy, how to change up your content so you’re not stuck with just “how to” content and how to identity what would make a GREAT thought reversal topic.

You will have exercises and PDF’s to follow to identify your most effective thought reversal optics.
Training 2: Thought Reversal Framework and Scripting
Learn how to script the TWO different types of Thought Reversal videos.

We’ve created TWO types of Thought Reversal videos, both designed to position you as a thought leader, build trust and create demand.

In this training, you will see the the secrets to powerful scripting, impactful messaging and how to craft content that gets people to take action.

You will have plug ‘n play scripts, downloads and examples to ensure you nail the Thought Reversal script!
Training 3: Language Patterns and 10x’ing Your Effectiveness – PART 1
This training is the secret sauce to Thought Reversals and may be one of the most powerful trainings you ever see when it comes to copy, messaging, communication, and marketing.

This training goes through language patterns you can use in the scripting to make your Thought Reversals some of the most effective and engaging content you have ever created. We will walk you through the first 7 Sleight of Mouth pattern you need.

If you master this training, you will position yourself as one of the most powerful leaders in your space.
Training 4: Language Patterns and 10x’ing Your Effectiveness – PART 2
In this video we continue where we left off with video 3. We dive deeper into influence and persuasion! We go into the remaining Sleight of Mouth patterns, language patterns to use, and continue to show you how to shift perspective and end suffering for your audience and niche.

If you want to learn how to end beliefs that cause suffering, become a thought leader and create massive engagement fast then you need this trainin
Training 5: Messaging BEYOND Thought Reversals

Thought Reversals are only ONE type of content and ONE part of your overall messaging strategy. In this training we will walk you through our entire message framework.

This will show you where Thought Reversals play into your content strategy and what other types of videos you should be focusing on to stand out, gain FAST traction and create demand for your product or service.
Training 6: Understanding Your Avatar Better Than They Know Themselves
When most people create Thought Reversal videos they speak from their point of view and tend to “explain”, talk about their beliefs, point out mistakes their audience makes, and they never really use the language or beliefs their audience has.

HOWEVER, when you truly understand their beliefs, thinking, and language you can speak to them on levels they’ve never experienced. This is when people start telling you that you blew their mind, you gave them ah-ha moments, and got them to see something they’ve never seen before. If you haven’t heard this before then you’re likely making the mistakes most entrepreneurs make.
Training 7: Using Thought Reversals In Other Ways Outside of Video
Thought Reversals are more than just a type of video. They are a way of communication that allows you to dismantle beliefs that are causing suffering, remove objections, and get people to see things from a NEW perspective…. a better perspective.

You can use this in webinars, emails, ad copy, social media posts and more…. AND in this training I show you how and where to do it!

Training 8: Video Styles and Filming Thought Reversals
Wondering how to make the videos? Do you do live streaming? Videos with your phones? Professional cameras?

Good questions. We will show everyone (YES, even the non-techie person) how to make these videos so it’s easy, effortless and simple. NOTE – Simple is better for these videos.
Training 9: MASSIVE and INSTANT Views On Your Videos With FB/Insta
Getting INSTANT traction on these videos is EXTREMELY cheap and easy to do. A well-written video doesn’t do you any good if it just sits on your computer or social media. Learn how to use them as content and ads on Facebook and Instagram.

I will show you how to use Facebook and Instagram to get very fast, targeted and massive views on your Thought Reversal videos so they create a big audience, position you as a Thought Leader and make you EVERYWHERE to people who watch your content.

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